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Davey and Goliath Testimonials

Davey and Goliath have touched the lives of many people across the country and around the world. Read some of the personal stories shared by people who have been affected by the loveable duo. If you would like to add your own story, click here.
In an ever changing world where good is considered bad, and bad considered good, the Godly lessons and principles taught through the wonderful claymation series of Davey and Goliath are needed in our society more than ever. Many people are spending their efforts trying to separate God from all aspects of our lives. Take the "Ten Commandments" out of the courts and off of public buildings, and out of our schools they say. Take "In God We Trust" off our money. Take "One Nation Under God" out of our National Pledge. It's terrible and heart breaking. Kids today need these shows, if only to learn some resemblance of Godly and moral values that they other wise will not ever receive, and learn.

Personally, as a kid growing up in a very rough Boston town in the 70's and 80's, I can tell you that the lessons learned on Saturday and Sunday mornings with Davey and Goliath directly affected my life to make solid moral decisions out in the real world. While most of my friends were stealing cars, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol, I never did, and have never done any of those things. I knew that they were wrong, and I wanted to live my life in a way that was pleasing to God. I became a leader, not a follower. At first I was ridiculed by my "so called" friends for not doing the things they were. However, later it was admitted that they were jealous that I didn't have to do what they were doing to be cool, and that I stood up for my convictions. Many of the friends from my childhoods lives were destroyed because of their decisions and the choices they made to "Be Cool," and "Have Fun." Many did considerable time in jail. Some are still heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some have died, and one friend was murdered over drug money.

Now that I have children of my own, it's even more important for them to learn the values taught through those simple 15 minute Davey and Goliath videos. Somehow, all the children in the shows are so lovable, kids just relate to them. I know I did, and I'm ever grateful for it. I hope and pray that a resurgence of right, and Godliness will make it's way back into our country, and maybe it can start with cute and lovable Davey and Goliath!


I haven't yet read the other stories, but I can tell you about my experience with the Davey and Goliath show. My family was not religious at all, and we almost never attended church services. But on Sunday mornings my mom would turn on Davey and Goliath. We watched every week and actually looked forward to the next show. Davey and Goliath, along with occasional VBS, was the only religious training I received as a young person. I attribute that show to a firm belief in God that propelled me as a young adult to make God and church a daily part of my life.

Years later, when I had my own children, I bought the Davey and Goliath videos and we all watched together. To this day I use the DVR to record the shows and we watch them on the weekends--and my youngest child is 13!

I want to thank everyone involved with these shows for the good work of the Lord they are doing. God bless!

Gretchen, California

I remember, as a child watching Davey and Goliath every Sunday. I didn't have a very nice childhood and watching this show was such a wonderful experience for me. It was such an easy show to relate with and understand. I think because the show was what I thought every family was like (except mine) I was so drawn into it. Even when Davey got into trouble he was still so loved. Davey and his Goliath were so committed to each other and to God I felt apart of their world just watching them. Thank you for bringing back my most precious childhood memories. I can't wait to watch them with my children.

June, Minnesota

I am Jewish. As a little boy, I remember getting up early Sunday morning, before most people were awake and having nothing to watch on TV. I'd be drawn to the music and the little boy and his dog. I loved watching it but was always confused why this wonderful Jesus wasn't for me. Well, some 45 years later I finally understood Jesus WAS for me and for everyone. And I've accepted Him as my Savior and Lord. Thanks to a seed that was planted by an animated boy! Hallelujah.

Steve, Florida

I am 43 years old and watched Davey and Goliath all the time as a child. I feel strongly that this program had a very important role with the morals and beliefs that I have today, along with a traditional up-bringing. As an adult, I have a wonderful wife and teenage son and have been a police officer for 20yrs, and still feel this programs influence on my life! Also I am currently thinking of joining a Lutheran church in my area. Thank you Davey and Goliath for touching my life in such a positive way!

Dale, Michigan

I raised six children as a stay-at-home mother back in the in 70's and 80's. Davey and Goliath were an integral part of their fond childhood memories. I was so pleased to read the newspaper article in my local paper talking about a resurgence of interest in the program. I now teach elementary school in the Anaheim District and my fifth graders could benefit from exposure to the positive social and moral messages that Davey and his dog, Goliath, have to share. I am thrilled to know that the important messages they give will not be lost.

Diane, California

I remember getting up early on Sunday morning, after breakfast we would get dressed in a hurry so we could watch your show. I still enjoy the memories of spending a few minuets with my brothers when we all agreed on something to watch!! I have three children of my own now, two girls, ages 10 and 5, and a son who is 8. I thought the show did not come on anymore, then one Saturday morning I was fixing breakfast while listening to our local Christian network on television. To my delight and surprise I heard the theme song!!, I dropped my spatula and ran into the living room, I could not believe my eyes! I yelled for my children to come quickly, they saw their first episode, and they love it! Thank you and bless you for trying to keep this on the air, I will support you

Jeannie, Texas

First of all I like to thank you. Though we are not of the Lutheran faith, I so much appreciate the effort you have taken to produce Davey and Goliath. I am a mom of two small sons. They are ages 9 and almost 8. Their names are Jerame and Joshua. They have watched Davey and Goliath for about the last 3 years. Now since they are older they know the channels, days and times it shows. They hardly miss an episode. I think it is a nice program. It is refreshing to see that there are some programs that still exist that display the models and values most parents share. It shows the consequences for not following rules and what God teaches. May God continue to bless your efforts as you reach the children and even adults through this program. We all have something to benefit from this program.

Michelle, Pennsylvania

I can remember back in about 1965 or so when I was about 8 or 9 I would come home after Sunday Mass and watch Davey & Goliath on our black & white television. It was my favorite TV program. Even as a young boy growing up in a tough New York City housing project I understood and appreciated the genuine and positive message that each episode shared. I now have twin infant girls and I want to be able to share the joys and wholesomeness of Davey & Goliath with them. The shows were definitely a positive influence on my life and I know they will impact my daughter's lives the same way. The world needs more programming like Davey & Goliath - programming that celebrates good not evil. I thank God for the precious gift of being able to watch & appreciate Davey & Goliath. God Bless you and thank you for all the good you present.

Moral and religious faith-based values are what will help our great nation survive the pervasive evil of these days. The positive Judeo-Christian teachings that I was brought up with must always continue to be presented, especially to the young and the innocent of our world. May God continue to bless your efforts. Let us all praise the Lord for he IS good.

Robert, New York

I love this show! I loved it as a kid twenty-five years ago and I love watching it now as a "jaded adult". I am a Christian who loves art and television and do not go for sentimental TV even when it has good moral values. Your show seems a little outdated now because the kids and family are a little sunnier than today's kids--but that is nice. It may be a little idealistic today with the perfect nuclear family and all, but at the same time, I love it because it's sweet, yet the kids seem real. Davey can be a little brat just like all kids, ("I can do what I want!" he yells, then falls down a mine!) but he can also be a little sweety, just like all kids. It's funny and real, and so well done. God's love shines through and it does a great job of showing this, not just telling this. The story is so well-crafted, too--I just love the claymation! All the children look different as individuals (even some twins I saw on one episode) and I love Goliath who doesn't annoy me as most talking animals do, because he also seems like a real dog! Thank you so much! I need to be reminded of God's love in the simple way that children are told, sometimes. It is very comforting in a complex world.

Kim, Massachusetts

I have watched Davey and Goliath ever since they first came to TV and as a child I could not wait to so them each week. They touched my heart as a small child. Often times when I felt sad or alone they would cheer me up with their stories of hope and learning from the mistakes only a child could make; I knew I was not the only one who ever did something really dumb or wrong and that with Gods help it would be OK. I really related to Davey being the oldest child and a bit on the rebellious side myself. I still cherish their stories of faith and hope to this day and I would love to see them become a treasured part of my 2 youngest girls growing experience in the Lord. Please keep up your wonderful efforts to bring my special buddies back! I am going to encourage parents and teachers at the First Baptist Church I attend to also help support you in bringing Davey and Goliath into the hearts and futures of today's Children they need this kind of programming more and more as TV offerings for children have become bereft of any moral value or lessons or they are characters of such poor and ugly animation that is simply offensive.

Thank You for all your efforts. Your in my heart and prayers for success through Jesus who strengthens us all through faith!

Lori, California

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from Davey and Goliath! That might be an exaggeration but not a big one. I grew up with Davey every Saturday and Sunday morning, and I consider those 15 minute segments to be the foundation of my religious development.

I am a 40 year-old ordained minister now, but even with all the tools of the trade and the formal seminary training, I find that whenever I am in a spiritual quandary I go back to the lessons I learned with Davey. Not once have I been left without a satisfactory solution. (Other times when I might be tempted to do something I shouldn't, I hear the familiar, labored voice of Goliath say, "I don't know, Davey..)

I use many of the D&G stories as sermon illustrations in Children's Time at church since most of the children today have not had the advantage of growing up with The Hansen's. I think I know every episode by heart and can recite them readily!

It is such a thrill to find that there are others in my generation who share my gratitude, respect, and delight for this simple yet wisdom packed, thought-provoking, and insightful television classic. Thank you sincerely.

Kay, Conneticut

In the 1960's my older sister Lynda and I used to watch Davey and Goliath every Sunday before church. We so looked forward to Sunday mornings because of this special show. Nineteen years ago when my son Preston was three I searched for videos of the show and was able to find a few. I will never forget the first time I put the video in and heard the beginning song.  almost cried cherish these videos and am so happy that my two children Ashley and Preston were able to share them with me.  was recently talking to my sister on the phone when in the background I heard that special song. I said to my sister "Hey, did you find a Davey and Goliath video?" She told me no. That she was channel surfing and saw that it was on. When the show was over they had a little promotional about the new episodes. To our astonishment Davey was sitting under a tree with a laptop. I cracked up laughing and called my sister back. Talk about progress!! We freaked out. Wow!!!! We are so thrilled to see Davey and Goliath back. My 23 year old and 16 year old and my 4 year old God daughter won't miss a show now. We will pray and support this truly beautiful and inspirational show. Thank you and may God bless you all and your endeavors.

Karen, Texas

I loved watching Davey and Goliath. My two younger sisters and myself would never miss the specials that came our way. I fondly remember the show where Davey's grandfather dies and how he struggles to understand his death. I have thought about that particular show many times over the years. And if I close my eyes, I can hear Goliath's voice. lol

We were raised by our single (divorced) mom, who raised us in the Lutheran church and instilled Christian values into our lives. She knew how much we loved your shows and made sure we never missed any.

I only wish I could find them on our TV today, so my grandchild could see them. I totally support the D & G series returning to television again.

Karen, Alberta Canada

"Davey often mis-behaved and did what he wanted to do. Therefore, he suffered the consequences and learned a great lesson in the process. And so did I. The show was very special because I used to sleep at my Grandma's house every Saturday night. I'd wake up bright and early Sunday morning, and turn on the TV at 7am to watch the show. Grandma used to make breakfast for me (english muffin with jelly and a glass of grape juice) and I'd be very, very happy. I especially enjoyed the earlier episodes; the ones that were a little "rough around the edges" (such as when Davey was lost in the cave, or fell through the ice) When Goliath fell into the river and he and Davey fell over the falls, I cried thinking that Goliath had died. I also remember crying when Davey's Grandma died in the Easter special. It was a very kind show that showed how God's love is unconditional and that we have the power to choose to do the right or wrong thing. It should be required viewing for every young boy and girl; especially in today's fast-paced world."


"When I was a child, Davey and Goliath was the only television program in our area with a Christian message. I always looked forward to watching it on Sunday mornings and for many years it was the only time I heard about God and living how He wants us to. I had a very rough childhood and when i came to know Jesus at 17 years of age, i remembered that as a child , there were many times i was comforted by watching Davey and Goliath. I believe God was using the show to prepare me for my Christian life. I am 40 now and have bought videos for my own children so they too could watch and be blessed by Davey and Goliath. I see it is now on TBN and we will continue to watch! I am so thankful it is back. God bless you.


"I was very surprised to find the Davey and Goliath Web site. It has been a good experience to see Davey and Goliath after so many years. I have fond memories of this show. I liked it because it was easy to understand and always gave positive messages. I especially liked the fact that there were kids that were different. I was a Hispanic bilingual child growing up and it was nice to see someone that resembled me on T.V. More shows like these should be on T.V., kids need to be kids. Thanks you."


"Not having any contact with type of church or Sunday school when I was a young boy, Davey and Goliath has left the impression of the only Sunday school lessons I was exposed to in those early years. I searched a web sight and found shows available for sale on VHS and DVD and started buying them for my nephews and grandson. (I wonder if they'll let me watch them too?)

When I saw an interview with someone interested in reviving the animated characters I was like a little boy again with excitement. I know the impact left by the original shows has shaped my life forever. I would be glad to help where I am able."


"It brings back secure, warm, honest feelings from my childhood in the 1960's. I looked forward to Sundays being able to watch the program before/after church and Sunday School, knowing my family was going to be together in church. Sometimes I'd have to leave watching the show to get to church on time, and as a child, wondering why I couldn't just watch the show because it was like Sunday School! The themes were so understandable to me as a child and I was fascinated by the magic of the moveable characters. Seeing all the characters after so many years was such a joy...thank you. They still make me feel good, and Christian! I wish my own children could see the episodes.


"I never forgot the Easter show that Davey's Grandmother passed away...I have not seen it in years -- but I remember him loving her - -and her baking a cake -- they were so happy and looking forward to Easter...then she was gone...just like that. All of my life I spent ALL of the time I could with my Grandparents - never knowing when my time would run out ... I felt his pain and loss as a little girl and as a grown woman felt the heartache of the loss of three dear Grandparents. The feelings - the love of Christ and family cannot be matched these days and we so need our children to know Davey and Goliath, too. My heart melts when I see Davey and sweet ole' faithful Goliath... Every child should have a chance to know them them better. We must take our children's moral standards back up to another level by looking to Jesus - and these sweet characters show us how to do this."


"When I was a small child, I watched Davey and Goliath every Sunday morning before I went to church. I lived on a farm and before I started to school, the only other children I played with were at church. Also, my dad was very sick so my family did not go to very many places while I was growing up. For these reasons, Davey & Goliath had a special place in my heart.

I still watch Davey and Goliath today on Saturdays. I know it is hard to believe. I will always be a Davey and Goliath fan. God bless."

Karen, Indiana

"Hi! I was very happy to get the information on the Davey and Goliath Web site on Fox News - I have forwarded it to family and friends. I have very fond memories of Davey and Goliath as a child. I attended Catholic School (from 1968-1976) and we watched Davey and Goliath every week. My daughter's school (Catholic School) also shows Davey and Goliath and she loves it. She enjoys the fact that it was a show I watched as a child. I really hope that the children in today's world will be able to experience what we did as a child. The world was a much different place then and I think that we need Davey and Goliath in these turbulent times. I will help out in any way that I can and I will spread the word."

Maria, New York

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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