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Involving Davey and Goliath in Your Ministries > Possibilities for Congregational Ministry > Worship Ministries

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Worship Ministries

Set up a Davey and Goliath worship center for children with bulletins, offering envelopes, activity bags, coloring sheets, and toys for quiet play.

Include Davey and Goliath as ongoing illustrations in your children's sermons.

There’s nothing that delights young children more than discovering a place in a formal or adult context that is designed to be kid-friendly!

If you can create an area that welcomes and engages young children, it will nurture their sense of belonging in your congregation. Promote this space to be a gathering place and distribution center for appropriate resources for children while they participate in worship.

Introducing Davey and Goliath as kid-friendly personalities in this area of ministry can increase a child’s level of interest and involvement. Be clear that these characters are devoted to being a special friend to younger members in your congregation.

Although Davey and Goliath became famous as characters on a children’s television series in the 1950s and ‘60s, they are timeless in their ability to relate to engage children in adventures that interpret faith and values for daily living. The characters can be used to welcome and engage children in kid-friendly ways.

Check out the following insights as you consider the possibility of establishing Davey and Goliath as partners in this area of ministry.

  • Create a space in the narthex or near the entry to your sanctuary that provides high visibility and easy access for young children.
  • Consider your options for furnishing this space. What accommodations will you need to make? Would a table, a bookcase, a rocker, or a hall tree to hang activity bags be in order?
  • What resources would you like to provide? You may wish to consider providing an “I Went to Church Today” sign-in sheet for children to autograph along with any children’s books you may want to highlight given the text or topic for the day. You might also choose to honor toddlers by providing booster seats for them to see. Consider the resource listings (below) to guide your decision. Additional coloring pages and games are also available for download to share with your family.
  • Engage parents of young children by assembling activity bags with quiet toys and things to do and maybe even a tissue or two.  There are coloring sheets available online at the Kid’s Clubhouse. You might also find a popular resource; available at, titled “Rainbow Bags: Instructions for making Six Colorful Bags of Soft Toys for a Young Child in Church” by Lois Brokering (Augsburg Fortress; ISBN: 0-8066-2256-3). It honors the moment with symbols and characters that are involved in a typical worship service.
  • Create visuals of Davey and Goliath to display on or near the space using the outlines from the clip art file. If you wish to display large representations of either character, you can download and reproduce the graphic on a transparency. Then use an overhead projector to enlarge the design and trace it onto poster board or newsprint for display. You may wish to add color with markers or paints.
  • Become familiar with the characters of Davey and Goliath. Scan through the listing and description of all the episodes.
  • Introduce the characters of Davey and Goliath to young children and their parents. Check out suggestions for planning meal and a video such as “Breakfast with Davey and Goliath” outlined in Fellowship Ministries. Feel free to adapt it to enrich your own schedule and intent.
  • Check your local resource centers for copies of "classic" Davey and Goliath VHS tapes.
  • Recruit someone to manage the space and resources.
  • Promote this ministry as a service to young children and their parents. Refer to it as a way to encourage parents to bring their children to worship.

Additional Resources:

Resource for Children’s Bulletins or Activity Sheets

Children’s Worship Activities - Years 1-3. Virginia Kessen. Abingdon Press. (800/672-1789)
An annual resource of lectionary-based reproducible activity sheets for children to use during the worship hour.

Year 1 ISBN: 0-6870-2808-6
Year 2 ISBN: 0-6870-2828-0
Year 3 ISBN: 0-6870-2818-3

Children’s Worship Bulletins (800.992.2144)
Versions for ages 3-6 and ages 7-12 are filled with pictures, codes and puzzles are available for electronic delivery.

Fold and Do: 52 Pencil-popping, Wiggle-stopping Things to Do in Church. Carla Williams, Concordia Publishing. ISBN 0-5700-5287-4 (800.325.3040)
Each activity sheet folds into a small booklet and features a Bible verse, a devotional thought, one or two activities, and a prayer for Grades 2-4.

Kid’s Celebrate Bulletin Inserts.
Reproducible pages provide lectionary-linked activities and aids for children in pre-K through the early elementary years

Cycle A: ISBN 0-8066-4671-3
Cycle B: ISBN 0-8066-4228-0
Cycle C: ISBN 0-8066-4549-0

Little Hands Fold and Do: 52 Pencil-popping, Wiggle-stopping Things to Do in Church. Carla Williams, Concordia Publishing. ISBN 0-5700-5286-6 (800.325.3040)
Great for use as bulletin inserts or classroom activity sheets for Preschool-Grade 1.

Resources for Children’s Stewardship Envelopes

52 weekly envelopes, plus Christmas and Easter. Access the ELCA Resource Catalog to order envelopes.

Davey and Goliath Faith Trait Series – Preschool-Elementary
Color Me Giving – Preschool-Elementary
S.S. Noah – Preschool-Elementary
Bible Trivia - Early elementary through middle school

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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