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Involving Davey and Goliath in Your Ministries > Possibilities for Congregational Ministry > Social Ministries

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Social Ministries

Sponsor children’s outreach programs with Davey and Goliath, like a back-to-school supply collection, recycling, a food pantry or a clothing collection.

Introducing Davey and Goliath as “welcome leaders” in this area of ministry can increase a child’s level of interest and involvement. Make it clear that these characters are devoted to being special friends to younger members in your congregation.

Developing an awareness of the needs of others is vital to living and growing in faith. Even while we focus our attention on nurturing a child’s knowledge of the Bible and relationship with God, we can actively engage him or her in opportunities to share and care for others.

Check out the following suggestions for establishing Davey and Goliath as kid-friendly partners in this ministry.

  • Show a video to acquaint younger children with the Davey and Goliath characters and adventures. Look through a listing and description of all the episodes. There are several programs that nurture an understanding of and sensitivity to the challenges and needs of others.
  • Check your local resource centers for copies of "classic" Davey and Goliath VHS tapes.
    • The Zillion Dollar Combo - detailing the moral dilemma Davey and his friends encounter as they are challenged to choose between playing a gig for profit and performing at a children's hospital without pay.
  • Watch for Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas - an all-new Christmas special featuring an adventure based on Davey’s interest in raising money for a special cause. The program is being produced for broadcast television during the 2004 holiday season. Check out for updates about this Christmas special.
  • Go to the Davey and Goliath online store for the promotion and distribution of other videos in the future, such as
    • The Caretakers - features Davey pouring paint down a well and learning the effects of his deeds along with the lesson that we're all responsible for taking care of God's world.
    • Six-Seven-Six-Three - Davey learns the importance of responsible pet ownership after Goliath is dog-napped.
    • Louder Please - A deaf neighbor teaches Davey to appreciate all the sounds in the world around him.
  • Identify and evaluate your current opportunities for outreach and service. Are they program offerings for children, youth, adults or intergenerational? Note when they usually occur.
  • Work with appropriate congregation leaders and committees to maximize the potential of your ministry and participant involvement. Enlist men’s and women’s groups and Sunday school or day-school teachers to work with you to coordinate special or ongoing emphases for the entire congregation through the year.
  • Adapt your program choices to complement the age, interest, and abilities of your participants.
  • Identify Davey as key support for the events you choose to plan. Create visuals of Davey and Goliath using the outlines from the clip art file. If you wish to display large or life-size representations of either character, you can download and reproduce the graphic on a transparency. Then use an overhead projector to enlarge the design and trace it onto poster board or newsprint for display. Have the children or youth color it with markers or paints!
  • You may wish to recruit volunteers to portray the characters of Davey and Goliath as you promote and carryout a specific program. Are there any seamstresses in your congregation who could make costumes? Refer to the online color graphics as you accessorize Davey. Note the trademark red and white-checkered shirt and the classic gray pants. Generic dog patterns are available in fabric stores.
  • Organize a servant event to build a foundation for children and family outreach. You may also wish to expand one of your current service projects to include several age or interest groups.
  • Plan occasions to celebrate the ministries you are doing. Videotaping the various components of each program will help children get a “big picture” understanding of the role they play in helping others in your local and global community.

Additional Resources:

  • The Giving Market and Global Deli - An interactive program for young children that puts a creative spin on a traditional food shelf program. It invites children to stock the shelves of the Giving market to share with people in local and global need. Call ELCA Resource Catalog to receive your free copy of the leader’s guide. (ISBN 6-0001-0917-2) and accessory pack (ISBN 6-0001-0913-X).
  • The Great American Bake Sale - A national program that encourages children and youth to coordinate bake sales and dedicate their proceeds to ending child hunger in America. Check out


Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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