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Involving Davey and Goliath in Your Ministries > Possibilities for Congregational Ministry > Family Ministries

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Family Life Ministries

Encourage families to invite Davey and Goliath to be a part of their home life. Contact ELCA Resource Catalog for on-the-Go Families, and other Davey and Goliath resources available through Augsburg Fortress.

Young children love to fill their days with imaginary play - based on their favorite TV, video and storybook characters. They carry stuffed versions of their favorite characters for companionship and security; wear makeshift costumes to identify with the characters and rehearse lines they are most known to say.

As concrete learners, young children can easily place themselves in the stories they are told or shown. Within the freedom and security of their own homes these characters expand and shape their own sense of self and connection to the world.

Introducing lovable little characters of faith to young children will help Christian parents, provide hours of entertainment, and instill memorable markers in a child’s development. Valued moral lessons can be learned as they bond with the ordinary personalities and engaging escapades of Davey and his gang.

Although Davey and Goliath became famous as characters on a children’s television series in the 1950s and ’60s, they are timeless in their ability to engage children in adventures that interpret faith and values for daily living. These characters can assist families in teaching about faith and God’s love.

Consider the following ways to equip and inspire children and their parents to include Davey and Goliath in their daily life.

  • Acquaint younger children with the Davey and Goliath characters and adventures. Check your local resource centers for copies of “classic” Davey and Goliath VHS tapes. You might also browse through the ELCA Resource Catalog for possible updates as additional titles become available for distribution in the future.
  • Refer to the Official Web site of Davey and Goliath in your church bulletins and newsletters. There you can find resources for both parents and children. The Kids Clubhouse provides kid-friendly coloring sheets and a Davey and Goliath trivia game. A clip art page also provides line drawings of all main characters.
  • Consider investing in Davey and Goliath VHS tapes and/or DVDs to add to the inventory in your Church library. Promote them in your congregation’s newsletter along with other resources. You might also make copies available for families to purchase or promote places where they can be.
  • Look through the listing of TV stations currently broadcasting episodes of Davey and Goliath. If there is a station in your area, tell the parents of young children about it. Some adults between the ages of 20 and 50 may be familiar with the characters and adventures of Davey and Goliath from their own childhood.
  • Promote the premiere of Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas that will be produced for broadcast television during the 2004 holiday season. Check for updates and resources for promoting this Christmas special at in the Fall 2004.
  • Consider planning a theme party to promote this ministry for families.
  • Encourage daily thoughts and talks with God through family devotions. Davey and Goliath Devotions: For On-the-Go Families (ISBN:SUB0000008) will be available through subscription in October 2004. Contact Augsburg Fortress (800.328.4648) to make arrangements for individual or bulk deliveries. Beginning October, 2004, this devotional will be available via subscription. It is designed to help children and their families experience faith in fun, exciting, real-life ways through Bible stories, family activities, prayers, and games.
  • Consider launching a campaign to nurture family faith growth. Introduce the new devotional resource (See above description) by acquainting children and their families with the characters and adventures of Davey and Goliath at a special event. You might include a presentation of an episode and recruit people to role-play the characters.

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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