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Involving Davey and Goliath in Your Ministries > Possibilities for Congregational Ministry > Evangelism Ministries

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Evangelism Ministries

Paint a giant Davey and Goliath poster to hang in the church narthex or entryway, announcing kid-friendly activities. Find out "how-to" below.

Introduce Davey and Goliath as special guests at a "New Kids on the Block" event. Promote it as an incentive for other children who are new members or guests.

Introducing Davey and Goliath as “welcome leaders” in this area of ministry can increase a child’s level of interest and involvement. Be clear that these characters are devoted to being special friends to younger members in your congregation.

All though Davey and Goliath became famous as characters on a children’s television series in the 1950s and ‘60s, they are timeless in their ability to engage children in adventures that interpret faith and values for daily living. The characters can be used to welcome and engage children in kid-friendly ways.

Even as mass media is moving into a more electronic mode, print promotions are still the most readily accessible reference. The Internet is beginning to tower over the audio, cable, and TV markets--as well as billboards, newspapers and periodicals. But billboard and poster promotions are still viable and effective options in almost any setting.

While the church is reflecting a stronger vision and desire to develop an electronic presence for communication and support, congregations are still relying on verbal announcements during worship and print reminders in a bulletin or newsletter as a primary way to connect.

Three cheers for the special-occasion planners, eager youth leaders, or creative Christian education directors who engage members with a splash of color and creativity on a poster or bulletin board display!

Check out the following suggestions as you consider ways that Davey and Goliath can be as kid-friendly partners in this ministry.

  • Remember that the most effective promotions communicate at least five times, using three different venues, such as audio, print, or visual means -- including newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, posters or display boards, videotapes, and Web sites and e-mails.
  • Keep in mind that the majority of promotions and announcements in a congregation are conveyed by an adult voice for an adult audience. Even information about children’s events need to be targeted for parents.
  • But also commit to doing promotions for children’s events and program ministries with children in mind. Shaping the content and design of your promotion to engage your intended audience can generate greater enthusiasm and participation in your actual events and program offerings.
  • Remember that the majority of younger members are still primarily engaged by the visual, not verbal. A conscious use of color art will inspire children to request their parent’s attention.
  • Acquaint younger children with the Davey and Goliath characters and adventures. Check your local resource centers for copies of "classic" Davey and Goliath VHS tapes.
  • Create visuals of Davey and Goliath to display on a large write-on board. You might also use a poster or bulletin board, leaving space for posting specific promotions and announcements. Use the outlines from the clip art file. You can download and reproduce the line drawing on a transparency. Then use an overhead projector to enlarge the design and trace it onto poster board or newsprint for display. You may wish to add color with markers or paints. If you have a carpenter in your congregation you might involve him or her in making tall, free-standing characters that hold the poster board with specific announcements, etc.
  • Identify a space where there is high traffic and visibility. Get permission to use this area to promote children’s ministries.
  • You may wish to recruit volunteers to portray the characters of Davey and Goliath as you promote and carry out a specific program. Are there any seamstresses in your congregation who could make costumes? Refer to the online color graphics as you accessorize Davey. Note the trademark red and white-checkered shirt and the classic blue pants. Generic dog patterns are available in fabric stores.

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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