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Davey and Goliath Children's Series Episode Guide - Series 5

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Six-Seven-Six-Three: Davey learns responsible pet ownership after Goliath is dog-napped.

The Zillion Dollar Combo: When Davey, Jonathan, and Mickey form a band, the boys must choose between a paying gig and performing for free at a children's hospital.

Upside Down and Backwards: When Davey and Goliath are home alone and the electricity fails during a severe storm, Davey panics. Later he imagines what he should have done.

Louder Please: A deaf neighbor teaches Davey to appreciate all the sounds in the world around him.

Ready or Not: Davey, Goliath, and Jonathan help clean up a park that has fallen into disrepair since Jonathan's last visit.

Kum Ba Yah: Davey and friends form a bell choir, but Davey gets angry with Cisco™ and refuses to perform until Davey remembers he has a responsibility to his group of friends.

What's His Name: Davey learns the real meaning of forgiveness when he is falsely accused of wrongdoing.

Pieces of Eight: Fascinated by pirates and buried treasure, Davey buries a tin box containing the Jickets club treasury. When a hard rain washes away the box, Davey replaces the money.

Chicken: Trying to prove he isn't chicken, Davey attempts a dangerous leap and winds up in the hospital. He learns it's better to be called "chicken" than to do something foolish.

The Doghouse Dream House: After a rough start, Davey builds a doghouse for Goliath, whose original dog house was destroyed by a storm.

The Good Back Luck: Davey, Jonathan, and Goliath become lost on a school trip. Goliath, who is suffering from a cold, is unable to use his nose to lead them back to safety.

The Watchdogs: Davey witnesses a robbery, but doesn't want to get involved until Officer Dan and Mr. Hansen succeed in teaching Davey the real meaning of the Golden Rule. (No longer distributed.)

Come, Come to the Fair: Davey's Sunday School class hosts a folk fair where the children learn about the ways different cultures celebrate and remember Jesus.

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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