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Meet the Characters

Davey Hansen - character profile
A typical All-American boy. He faces life’s ups and downs with the help of his faithful canine companion, Goliath, and his family and friends. Davey is athletic and enjoys outdoor activities with Goliath and his other friends in the neighborhood.

Goliath - character profile
Davey’s dog. When Goliath talks, only Davey can hear him. Goliath sometimes acts as Davey’s conscience.

Sally Hansen - character profile
Davey’s younger sister. Sally and Davey experience the conflicts, joys, and rivalry typical of any sibling relationship.

John & Elaine Hansen - character profile
Davey’s parents. The Hansens are the stereotypical nuclear American family. They provide guidance, love, and a strong Christian example to their children.

Grandma & Grandpa Hansen
Davey’s grandparents. They live on a farm. The 1967 Easter Special entitled “Happy Easter” deals with the unexpected death of Davey’s beloved grandmother.

Officer Bob and Officer Dan
Neighborhood policemen. They keep watchful eyes on the youngsters who live on their beat.

Jonathan Reed
Davey’s best friend. Jonathan and Davey go on several adventures together, some of which involve life-and-death moments. Jonathan is African-American.
(Click here for Jonathan's character profile.)

Mr. & Mrs. Reed
Jonathan’s parents. Mr. Reed is a pharmacist; Mrs. Reed is a teacher / librarian.

Davey’s other good friend. Mr. & Mrs. Hansen become Cisco’s stand-in parents at Cisco’s First Communion. Cisco is Hispanic.

Jimmy, Teddy, and Mickey
Davey’s friends. Davey enjoys playing with his neighborhood friends. They have a “No Girls Allowed” club called The Jickets.

Pastor Miller
Davey’s pastor. Pastor Miller is often available to give advice and answer questions about God.

Extras in Davey's Neighborhood

Mr. Opp - the bellringer at Davey’s church.


Mr. Lee - the local barber.


Lorenzo - a magician.


Mr. Denny - the principal at Davey’s school.


Miss Lindsey - Davey’s new teacher.


Pop - the absent-minded hot dog vendor.


Hank - Davey’s neighbor who is an air traffic controller.


Peter - a deaf boy who moves into the neighborhood.


Mary - a little lost girl whom Davey helps.


Barney - Davey’s troublesome cousin.


Larry - a boy with poor grades at Davey’s school.


Tommy - a poor boy who collects bottles for money.


Nicky - a fatherless boy who is new in the neighborhood.


Scottie - Jonathan’s cousin.

Davey and Goliath brings moral and faith-based values
to a new generation of children in lively and engaging ways.


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